Textile Lubricant

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Stainless, Odorless, Cools The Needle & Prevents Thread Breakage

Textile Lubricant is a Non-Reactive Mixture of Waxes and Stainless Liquid Lubricants for Yarns, Threads and Fabrics. Textile Lubricant deposits a film of stainless lubricant on the yarn that reduces friction and static, and allows the yarn to run smoothly without broken ends or frayed filaments.

This product can also be used as a sewing thread lubricant. Simply dip entire cone into lubricant for 30 seconds. This keeps the needle cool and prevents thread breakage and skipping.

Form Liquid
Appearance Clear, Colorless
Color Stability Excellent
Availability 5-gallon cube
55-gallon drums
Flammability HMIS Rating 2


  • Prevents Thread Breakage
  • Cools Needle
  • Prevents Fusing of needle to material
  • Provides Protective Finish for Thread
  • Reduces Friction
  • Reduces Heat Buildup

How to Apply:

Dipping: Dip the entire cone into the Thread Lubricant. It takes about 20-seconds to penetrate a one lb. cone of cotton thread. Synthetic threads may require a second application.

Other: Spray entire surface of thread...top and sides. This will penetrate slightly and require several periodic applications. When available, felts can be saturated with lubricant. Thread is treated as it passes between felts.