Silicone Wax Thread Finish 3261

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100% Active Silicone-Wax Finish for all types of Threads

Product Equivalent: Dow Corning AS-IE-1728

Silicone Wax Thread Finish 3261 is an advanced Copolymer System that combines the lubricating qualities of Silicone Oils and Silicone Waxes. This combination is ideally suited as a final finish for all types of synthetic threads.

In winding, Silicone Wax Thread Finish 3261 clings to the surface of the thread. This allows the thread to be wound at high speeds without “sling” or waste of product. On the cone, it provides an even distribution of lubricant that stays in place and will not migrate. Pickup can vary from very low to very high percentages. Even at high percentages, the lubricant stays in place without runoff on the package.

Silicone Wax Thread Finish 3261 keeps the needle cool during sewing, eliminating thread breakage and skipping. The Wax phase of this dispersion reduces needle chatter and static, providing excellent sewability and easy needle penetration. Maximum sewing speeds are achieved without thread breakage or downtime.


  • Reduces Friction & Eliminates Thread Breakage
  • High Speed Winding without Sling
  • Even Distribution: No Migration
  • No Heating is Required
  • 100% Solids: does not contain water or solvents
  • Will not Freeze
  • Applied at room temperature
  • Wax and Silicone stay in solution with little agitation required
  • Reduces Needle Chatter and Static
  • Achieves Maximum Sewing Speeds without Downtime

Physical Properties

Composition silicone/wax dispersion
Appearance viscous, milky-white
Viscosity 1,300 cSt
Solids Content 100% solids. Does not contain water or solvents
Solubility Soluble in Polydimethylsiloxane
Solubility in water Insoluble
Flash Point 471°F / 243°C
Specific Gravity 0.977
Weight 8lbs / 3.6kg per gallon