Cosmetic Grade Silicones

Products Description: Dimethicones are compatible with a wide variety of cosmetic solvents and are particularly effective when blended with cyclomethicones. Due to these characteristics, dimethicones are widely used in skin creams, suntan lotions, hair conditioners, bath oils, shaving foams, shampoos, etc.

Dimethicone Fluids

Super Low Viscosity Dimethicone Fluids: 0.65cSt to 3cSt
Low Viscosity Dimethicone Fluids: 5cSt, 10cSt. 20cSt
Medium Viscosity Dimethicone Fluids: 50 to 1,000cSt
High Viscosity Dimethicone Fluids: 5,000cSt to 100,000cSt
Super High Viscosity Dimethicones Fluids: 300,000cSt to 2.5 million cSt
PEG-12 Dimethicone

What are Dimethicones?
Dimethicones are linear, non-reactive polydimethylsiloxanes with viscosities ranging from 1.5cSt to 2.5 million cSt. (See also Standard Pure Silicones.) They are thermally stable, clear, colorless, odorless and inert fluids that are used in a wide array of cosmetic formulations.

Cyclomethicone Fluids

Cyclo-2244 (d4) Cyclomethicone
Cyclo-2245 (d5) Cyclomethicone
Cyclo-2345 (d5/d6) Cyclomethicone

What are Cyclomethicones?
Cyclomethicones are unmodified silicones that possess a cyclical structure rather than the chain structures of dimethyl silicones. Low heat of vaporization and the ability to select a desired vapor pressure has led their use as cosmetic vehicles.

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