444 Adhesive Spray (For Foam-to-Foam)

Clearco 444 adhesive spray (California VOC & OTC Compliant) is formulated for Foam-to-Foam and Foam-to-Fabric applications.

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Availability: 12 x 12oz. Net Wt Cans Per Case

Excellent Product Offset to: Amrep® 315, Amrep® Misty® AMR A315-20, 3M Foam Fast 74 Spray, Camie 313

Adhesive Spray formulated for Foam-to-Foam, Foam-to-Fabric


Use: Clearco 444 Adhesive Spray is formulated for Foam-to-Foam and Foam-to-Fabric applications. Its clear-uniform-web-like spray pattern is ideal for porous and rough surfaces to provide permanent adhesion. Unlike a misting spray pattern, it has low “soak-in” and provides the highest level of adhesion.

Clearco 444 tacks immediately and provides a seamless bond line. It sets up much faster than water-based adhesive products, providing faster rates of production. Clearco 444 will adhere to a wide array of foam surfaces including: polyurethane foam, latex foam, polyethylene foam, EVA foam, closed cell foam, acoustic foam, neoprene foam, memory foam (viscoelastic).

Clearco 444 is a low VOC Adhesive Spray (54.9%) that is California VOC Compliant and OTC Compliant (Ozone Transport Commission). The maximum VOC limit for web spray adhesives is 55%.


  • Formulated to bond porous surfaces to each other or to non-porous surfaces
  • Web-like spray pattern
  • Clear color – will not discolor fabric like orange colored sprays
  • Immediate tack…. faster setup time than other sprays and water-based products
  • Fast –drying…faster set-up time than water based products
  • Non-clogging spray system and nozzle
  • Seamless Bond-Line

Environmental and VOC Specifications:

  • Low VOC web adhesive spray…less than 55% VOC content
  • California VOC Compliant
  • OTC Compliant
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals
  • RoHS compliant

Industries and Applications

  • Foam To Foam: Spray both sides of the Foam. Clearco 444 tacks in seconds, and pieces can be joined immediately. Clearco 444 provides a permanent-seamless bond line that is ideal for building layers of foam or to attach edges together for continuous feed.
  • Foam To Fabric: For quick pressure sensitive bond, spray foam and lay material on top. This holds material in place and prevents shifting. Clearco 444 is a high solids adhesive that has low soak-in and will not bleed through the material.
  • Foam Manufacturing: provides seamless bond line and allows continuous feeding of the foam without interruption.
  • Foam Mattress and Bedding: including institutional foam bedding, prison/jail bedding, health care facility foam bedding, foam bedding for colleges and universities
  • Upholstery: any furniture application where foam needs to be bonded with foam or fabric…includes futons, cushions, yoga mats
  • Public Transportation: foam seat cushions for trains and buses
  • Marine: Foam cushions and mats
  • Acoustical Insulting Foams: including pyramid foam panels, sound barrier foams, foam for soundproofing rooms, wedge foam, and V-block. Egg crate foam
  • Asbestos Abatement: adhere polypropylene sheets to a wide range of substrates.
  • HVAC: adhere duct liner and fiberglass insulation to HVAC ductwork.
  • Carpets: spray on non-backed carpets.