Silicone Fluids

Clearco offers a wide range of Polydimethylsiloxane fluids in every viscosity from 0.65cSt to 20,000,000cSt. In addition, we provide a full line of Phenymethylsiloxane fluids, Diphenyl-dimethylsiloxane fluids, Paintable silicone fluids (methylalkyl and methylalkylarl), Dimethicones, Cyclomethicones, and Diffusion Pump Fluids

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Silicone Aerosol Sprays

Stop Sticking & Slide!!!! These products are formulated with a high percentage of silicone for a wide variety of applications. Spray on .tabletops, cutting knives, injection molds, food processing areas, etc.

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Silicone Emulsions

Clearco Silicones offers a full line of Silicone Emulsions for a wide range of applications. If a standard silicone emulsion does not meet your requirements, we can custom formulate a blend to your specifications. Clearco’'s team has developed new processes and custom built equipment for making emulsions, specializing in the manufacture of high quality water carrier emulsions where the active ingredient is any of a wide range of fluids and waxes. A service that we offer is to emulsify solvent-based formulations to achieve VOC Compliancy.

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Silicone-Blended Lubricants

Clearco Products formulates and blends a wide array of Silicone-blended Lubricants. Industries include Apparel/Textile, Food Processing and Packaging, , Foam & Fabric, Furniture & Wood Industries. If the standard formulation does not meet your requirements, we can blend to your specifications.

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Paintable Silicone Fluids and Paintable Silicone Emulsions:

Methylalkyl and Methylalkylaryl Silicone

Methylalkyl [CAS # 76684-67-8] and Methylalkylaryl [68037-76-3] Silicone Fluids and Emulsions - silicone fluid that can be top coated and painted after application. Formulated for a wide array of release applications where paintability is required.

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Silicone Food Grade Lubricants

Clearco Silicone Food Grade Lubricants are H1 Lubricants that meet NSF and FDA specifications for use where incidental contact with food may occur. They are widely used in Food Processing, Food Packaging and Bottling Applications.

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Silicone Wax Sewing Thread Finishes

Silicone Wax Sewing Thread Finishes are formulated for Thread Manufacturers as a final finish for Synthetic Sewing Threads. They are applied during winding, and do not require heat or mixing. Unlike other silicone lubricants, these products will not migrate or cause uneven lubrication on the thread thus allowing high speed sewing without thread breakage or skipping.

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Silicone Greases & Compounds

Clearco Silicone Greases are 100% Silicone Compounds that contain no petroleum distillates or solvents. They are characterized by their high temperature stability, inertness to virtually all substrates, wide service temp range, excellent lubricity and high dielectric strength.

Uses include: O-ring Lubricants, Gasket Lubricants, Plastic & Rubber Lubricant, Valve Lubricants & Dielectric applications. More Info >>>