PSF-Silicone Rubber and Plastic Lubricant

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Product Codes: PSF-50, PSF-100, PSF-200, PSF-350, PSF-500, PSF-1,000

100% Silicone Lubricant for Plastic and Rubber Parts!!

PSF-Silicone Rubber & Plastic Lubricant is a 100% Silicone Fluid that contains no solvents or water. It is used to lubricate plastic and rubber parts where a thicker film of lubricant is preferred. PSF-Silicone is clear, colorless, odorless fluid that is non- flammable and inert. It is available in a wide range of viscosities. However, the most common viscosities range from 50cSt to 1,000cSt (see below).

The silicone film reduces the coefficient of friction between plastic and rubber parts, thus proving excellent lubricity and extended service life to the parts it is applied.

For lubricating plastic and rubber parts/components, there is no better choice than a silicone-based product. Unlike conventional petroleum and glycol-based products, silicone fluids are compatible with virtually all plastic and rubber materials. They are widely used to lubricate a wide range of O-Ring materials including EPDM, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, Teflon, virgin, Butyl, Nitrile, Styrene Butadiene, Buna-N, PVC, LDPE, HDPE.

Although silicones are not recommended for metal-to-metal applications, they are strongly recommended for metal-to-plastic and metal-to-rubber applications.

Uses include:

  • Rubber Lubricant
  • Plastic Lubricant
  • Natural Rubber Lubricant
  • Epdm Lubricant
  • Natural Rubber Lubricant
  • Rubber Hose Lubricant
  • Grommet Lubricant
  • O-Ring Lubricant
  • Rubber Belt Lubricant
  • Rubber Assembly Lubricant
  • Rubber Tube Lubricant
  • Polyethylene Lubricant
  • Saran Lubricant
  • Pilofilm Lubricant
  • Polylethylene Lubricant
  • Cellophane Lubricant
  • Vinyl Lubricant
  • Gasket Lubricant
  • Rubber Belt Lubricant
  • Cable Lubricant


  • 100% Silicone Fluid...contains no solvents or water
  • Clear, colorless and odorless fluid
  • Wide Service temperature range
  • Non-Flammable, non-toxic and non-reactive
  • Excellent O-ring lubricant
  • Safe on virtually all plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces
  • Will not freeze in cold weather
  • Hydrophobic

Typical Product Data:

Product Code Viscosity (cSt) Specific Gravity Pour Point (°C) Flash Point °C (open cup) V.T.C Surface Tension Maximum Volatility @ 150°C (%wt)
PSF-50cSt 50 0.960 -55°C 285°C 0.59 20.8 0.5
PSF-100cSt 100 0.966 -55°C 315°C 0.60 20.9 0.5
PSF-200cSt 200 0.968 -50°C 315°C 0.60 21.0 0.5
PSF-350cSt 350 0.970 -50°C 315°C 0.60 21.1 0.5
PSF-500cSt 500 0.971 -50°C 315°C 0.60 21.1 0.5
PSF-1,000cSt 1,000 0.971 -50°C 315°C 0.61 21.2 0.5