Silicone Grease 2012 NSF 61 Water Potable

Product Description: Silicone Grease 2012 NSF/ANSI 61 is used in a variety of applications that require: wide range of thermal stability, high dielectric strength, electrical insulation, inertness to rubber and plastic surfaces, and insulation against corrosion and moisture.

Chemical Name: Polydimethylsiloxane Compound /PDMS Silicone Grease Compound

CAS No: 63148‐62‐9

Stiffness Rating: NLGI#2 (medium)

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  • Pails
  • 1 lb pail (0.45kg)
  • 8 lb pail (3.6kg)
  • 40 lb pail (18kg)
  • 55‐gallon drum (200kg)

NSF H1 Registration#136725

Category Code: H1

Silicone Grease 2012 NSF 61 is a 100% Silicone Grease Compound with an NLGI #2 (medium stiffness).  It is formulated with PDMS Silicone / Polydimethylsiloxane (CAS # 63148‐62‐9) and inert silica filler.    Silicone Grease 2012 is characterized by its wide service temperature range, high temperature stability, low temperature stability, high dielectric strength, excellent lubricity, inertness to virtually all rubber and plastic surfaces, and effectiveness in insulating against corrosion and moisture.


Silicone Grease 3005 is inert to virtually all substrates with the exception of silicone rubber. *   It is widely used for lubricating O‐rings, gaskets, valves and seals as well as surfaces that require excellent lubricating properties over long periods without drying out. It is not recommended for metal‐to‐metal lubrication or on surfaces that will be painted or finished.   However, it is an excellent assembly lubricant for metal‐to‐plastic and metal‐to‐rubber applications.

*Swelling may occur

Silicone Grease 2012 is registered with the NSF and meets the requirements of NSF 61 /ANSI Standard 61 for water portable applications such as manufacturing of water faucets, O‐rings & valves, water treatment products, water filtration products and plumbing productsthat require an NSF 61 lubricant.

Meets the requirements of the following FDA regulations:
FDA 21 CFR 175.300 Resinous and Polymeric Coatings
FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 Lubricant with Incidental Food Contact


  • Wide service temperature range & high resistance to oxidation
  • Excellent lubricant and sealant for harsh environments such as down‐hole and subsea environments
  • Withstands frequent wash‐downs and hose‐downs
  • Approved for use in Food Processing and Food Packaging applications facilities where incidental contact with food may occur.
  • 100% PDMS Silicone Grease Compound: contains no solvent
  • Safe for O‐rings, gaskets, valves and seals *
  • Protects against corrosion and carbon buildup on food sealing equipment
    * not recommended for silicone O‐rings due to potential for swelling

Applications Include:

  • NSF 61 O‐ring lubricant
  • NSF 61 Gasket lubricant
  • NSF 61 Valve lubricant
  • NSF 61 PVC Lubricant
  • Cable connector lubricant
  • NSF 61 Rubber Cable lubricant
  • Insulates against moisture and extreme weather conditions
  • Waterproofing grease
  • Dielectric insulating compound
  • Damping medium for electronic equipment
  • Sealant for pressure systems
  • Lubricant for rubber cables and plastic cables though conduit

Industries & Fields of Research include:Water & Waste Management, Pump Manufacturers, Valve Manufacturing, Gasket Manufacturing, O‐ring Manufacturing, Plumbing Systems, HVAC, Piping, Faucet Manufacturers, Electronics, Flowmeter Manufacturers, Water Treatment Plants, Sewer Utilities, Water Treatment Products, Filtration Manufacturers, Water Conservation, Thermal Storage Systems, Control Equipment, Filtered Water Systems, Refrigerator Manufacturers, Water Hydrant Manufacturers, Industrial Filtration, Irrigation Systems, Sprinkler Manufactures, Water Filter Manufacturers, Marine Refrigeration

Environmental Specifications:

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Contains no ozone‐depleting chemicals
  • Contains no solvents or distillates