MAPR-55 Paintable Silicone Emulsion / Paintable Release Agent

CAS No: 76684-67-8

50% Paintable Silicone Emulsion Concentrate

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Minimum order :Minimum order: 1 x 5-gallon pail (40 lbs /18kg)

Availability: 1-gallon (3.6kg) which is also the Minimum Order.

Excellent product alternative to: Rhodorsil® 308 V 750 Emulsion, Dow Corning® 290, Dow Corning® 2- 5009, (DC 2-5009), GE SM2154, Momentive® 2154


Typical Properties: Formulated for release of plastic parts, paintable, dilutable with a water, VOC Exempt, Non-flammable.

MAPR-55 Paintable Silicone Emulsion is a 50% active emulsion comprised of Methylalkyl Silicone. Unlike conventional silicone emulsions that interfere with paintability (cause “fisheye effects”), MAPR-55 is formulated specifically as a lubricant and release agent for parts that are intended to be painted or top coated.

MAPR-55 Paintable Silicone Emulsionis useful as a lubricant for soft metals such as aluminum, zinc and copper, and is particularly effective as a rubber or plastic lubricant when mated against steel or aluminum.

Note: silicone emulsions have a milky-white appearance due to the emulsifier. However, when the water evaporates, it will impart a clear-translucent film of silicone

Applications & Benefits:

  • Formulated to not interfere with paintability
  • Provides multiple releases per application of a wide array or products including: injection molded plastics, rubber parts (rubber mats etc), foams (including rigid Polyurethane foams), epoxy molded parts and thermoplastics.
  • Improves molding efficiency in many processes including injection, compression, transfer, vacuum form, pour cast, die cast and extrusion molding.
  • Anti-adherent agent for the mould release of plastics to be painted or glued.
  • Formulated for Hot and Cold applications...contains no flammable solvents or petroleum distillates
  • Waxing additive in paraffin oils for the lubrication of sewing threads and hosiery yarns (normal doses are approximately 20% in the mixture)
  • VOC Exempt, HAP-Free