Clearco offers private labeling of our aerosol products and custom blending.

Private Labeling

Aerosols: Clearco offers private labeling of our aerosol products. The minimum order is 300-cases.

Fluids: Clearco can private label our Silicone and Silicone-bases fluids with minimums as low as 1-gallon

Silicone Grease: Clearco can private label silicone grease in 5-gallon, 1-gallon and 5.3oz tube quantities (minimum order is as low as 48-tubes).

Custom Blending

Pure Silicone Fluids: Clearco can blend to non standard viscosities ranging from 5cSt to 1 million cSt) …minimum orders as low as 1-gallon

Silicone-based blends: Clearco offers a wide range of standard blended silicone products. However, we do offer custom blends based upon your requirements where we can adjust the percentage of silicone or the type of solvent used as the carrying agent to your specific requirements.

Silicone Emulsions: Clearco offers a full line of Silicone Emulsions for a wide range of applications. If a standard silicone emulsion does not meet your requirements, we can custom formulate a blend to your specifications. Clearco's team has developed new processes and custom built equipment for making emulsions, specializing in the manufacture of high quality water carrier emulsions where the active ingredient is any of a wide range of fluids and waxes. A service that we offer is to emulsify solvent-based formulations to achieve VOC Compliancy.

Drop Shipping, International Shipping & Hazmat shipping via Air

We can ship our products to any point on the globe. Our shipping department is DOT, IATA and Ocean certified for both non-regulated as well as HAZMAT classified products (aerosols, super-low viscosity silicones and zinc primers). In addition, we can private label and drop ship goods on a blind packaging slip directly to your accounts for both domestic and international shipments.

For drum orders of Pure Silicone Fluids and 1/2 skid (54-cases) and skid (108-cases) of aerosols, we will usually quote a prepaid freight in the continental United States.

Blanket Order Program

If you have ongoing requirements for a particular product, we recommend our blanket order program. Under the blanket program, we can provide lower pricing based upon the larger quantities with smaller scheduled releases. The term of the lease can be as short as 3-months or as long as 1-year. The release dates are flexible and can be moved up or back contingent upon your requirements. In addition, the pricing is locked in for the term of the lease not to increase.

This program guarantees availability for the product as we will stock and allocate specifically for your account. In addition, turnaround time in immediate if you need to move up a release date.

Benefits of Blanket Program

  • Lower pricing based on larger quantity
  • Minimum release is only 4-drums
  • Pay per release
  • Release dates are flexible... can be moved up or back contingent upon requirements
  • Guaranteed availability