MAPR-L Paintable Silicone Fluid

Methylalkyl Silicone

CAS No: 680837-76-3

Clearco paintable silicone fluids belong to the methylalkyl and methylalkaryl group of silicone fluids. . Unlike conventional polydimethylsiloxane (dimethyl) silicone, methylalkyl and methylalkylaryl silicones will not interfere with painting or top coating. They are especially useful as a release agent for a wide array of molding applications where painting or top coating is required.

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Availability: 55-gallon drums (440 lbs/200kg)

Minimum Order: 1 x 5-gallon pail (40 lbs /20kg)

Product Equivalent: Rhodorsil 308 V750 Emulsion, Dow Corning® 203, Dow Corning® 204, DC® 203, DC® 204...functional equivalent to CAS# 76684-67-8.

Use: Clearco MAPR-L Paintable Release Agent is a 100% active Methylalkylaryl Silicone (CAS # 68-37-76-3) that provides outstanding lubricating and release properties. MAPR-L Methylalkyl Paintable Release Agent is formulated to provide multiple part release in a wide array of applications that include: Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Transfer Molding, Vacuum Forming, Pour Cast, Die Cast, Extrusion Molding

MAPR-L will not interfere with Paintability or Topcoating. The fluid is compatible with paints and coating and will not cause “fisheye effects” as seen with conventional dimethyl (polydimethylsiloxane) silicone fluids.

In comparison to polydimethylsiloxanes, Clearco Methylalkyl Silicones have greater compatibility with organic materials, higher viscosity-temperature coefficients, lower compressibility, and decreased oxidation stability. Methylalkyl Silicones are compatible with paraffin wax, and can be used as a component in thread and fiber lubricant formulations. They reduce surface tension of many non-aqueous solvents, allowing them to act as wetting and leveling agents in coating and ink formulations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides multiple releases per application of a wide array or products including: injection molded plastics, rubber parts (rubber mats etc), foams (including rigid polyurethane foams), epoxy molded parts and thermoplastics.
  • Improves molding efficiency in many processes including injection, compression, transfer, vacuum form, pour cast, die cast and extrusion molding.
  • Anti-adherent agent for the mould release of plastics to be painted or glued.
  • Paint Additive: Tensio-active agent for varnishes and paints, generally applied by Curtaincoating (normal doses: 1 to 5%)
  • Internal lubricant in Vinyl Plastisols and Rubber
  • Maintenance product additive (normal doses: 1 to 10%)
  • Hot and Cold applications
  • Waxing additive in paraffin oils for the lubrication of sewing threads and hosiery yarns (normal doses are approximately 20% in the mixture)
  • VOC Exempt
  • Contains no Hazmat materials