MAPR-55 Paintable Silicone Emulsion/ Paintable Release Agent

50% Paintable Silicone Emulsion

CAS No: 76684-67-8

Clearco paintable silicone fluids belong to the methylalkyl and methylalkaryl group of silicone fluids. . Unlike conventional polydimethylsiloxane (dimethyl) silicone, methylalkyl and methylalkylaryl silicones will not interfere with painting or top coating. They are especially useful as a release agent for a wide array of molding applications where painting or top coating is required.

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Availability: 1 gallon pail, 5 gallon pail (40lbs/18kg) and 55 gallon drums (440lbs/200kg)

Excellent product alternative to: Rhodorsil® 308 V 750 Emulsion, Dow Corning® 290, Dow Corning® 2- 5009, (DC 2-5009), GE SM2154, Momentive® 2154

Use: MAPR-55 Paintable Silicone Emulsion is useful as a lubricant for soft metals such as aluminum, zinc and copper, and is particularly effective as a rubber or plastic lubricant when mated against steel or aluminum.

Note: silicone emulsions have a milky-white appearance due to the emulsifier. However, when the water evaporates, it will impart a clear-translucent film of silicone

Typical Properties: Formulated for release of plastic parts, paintable, dilutable with a water, VOC Exempt, Non-flammable.

  • Clear, colorless, odorless fluid
  • Cosmetic grade…excellent for base fluids in cosmetic formulations
  • Volatile carrier (100% evaporation at room temperature)..leaves no residue
  • Low heat of vaporization..non-stinging and will not cool the skin when it evaporates
  • Excellent lubricity before evaporation
  • Low surface tension fluids (high spreadability)
  • Easy Rubout
  • Exempt from Federal VOC regulations (including CARB and OTC)…excellent replacement for petroleum based solvents that are not VOC Compliant
  • Miscible with virtually all polydimethylsiloxane fluids and most petroleum based fluids
  • Soluble in most anhydrous alcohols, waxes, oils (except castor), hydrocarbon oils, esters and silicone fluid.
  • Insoluble in water