M30 Methylhydrogen Silicone Fluid

Chemical Name: Methylhydrogenpolysiloxane (Polymethylhydrogensiloxane)

CAS No: 63148-57-2

Methylhydrogen Silicone that is formulated for waterproofing applications.

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Availability: 5-gallon pail & 55-gallon drums

Product Alternative: Dow Corning® 1107, GE MH 15, GE Bayer MH15, Baysilone MH 15, GE SF1040 Rhodia H68

M30 Methylhydrogen Silicone Fluid is a Methylhydrogen polysiloxane (Polymethylhydrogensiloxane) [CAS No 63148-57-2] with a viscosity in the range of 30cSt @ 25°C. M30 Methylhydrogen Fluid is widely used in waterproofing applications for gypsum board, plasterboard and plaster blocks. M30 is oil-soluble. Most often, it is applied after being diluted with solvents such as acetone. Dilution ratios vary contingent upon the surface to be treated.

The curing temperature of M30 Methylhydrogen Silicone ranges from 120°C to 175°C. Cure times are accelerated at higher temperatures. For example, the cure times of uncatalyzed M30 is approx 3 to 4 hours at 120°C. At 150°C, cure times are between 10 to 15-minutes. Catalysts that accelerate cure times include zinc octate, iron octate, dibutyl tin dlaurate & tin octoates. A typical concentration is 10-parts of Methylhydrogen to 1-part catalyst. Note: Clearco does not provide catalysts.

Applications include: waterproofing gypsum board, waterproofing plasterboard, waterproofing plaster block.

Product Data:

Appearance Viscosity @ 25°C Specific gravity Flash point Boiling point Vapor pressure @ 25°C Water soluble
Clear fluid-slight odor Approx 30cSt 0.99 >100°C >121°C No data No


  • Clear, colorless fluid
  • Formulated to waterproof gypsum board, plasterboard and plaster block
  • Cures to provide a flexible-waterproof film
  • Soluble in solvents such as acetone
  • Insoluble in water
  • Cure times can be adjusted by temperature
  • Environmentally friendly: VOC Exempt & HAP Free
  • Hydrophobic- will not absorb water