Amino-Functional Silicone Fluids

Products Description: Amino Functional and Amino Methoxy Functional Polydimethylsiloxane

AM-6152 Amino-Functional Silicone Fluid

AM-6152 Amino-Functional Silicone Fluid is a low level amine content fluid, amine number of 7ml. AM-6152 is most widely used as a release agent for urethane foam and cable lubricant in the automotive industry.

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AM-6536 Amino Methoxy Functional Silicone Fluid

AM-6536 Amino Methoxy Functional Silicone Fluid is a double functional Polydimethylsiloxane fluid. The highly polar nature of the amino-functional groups and the ability of the silicon-functional methoxy groups to cure cause the polish film to deposit and adhere strongly to automobile finishes, chrome, aluminum and leather surfaces.

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