AM-6152 Amino Functional Silicone Fluid

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Product Code: AM-6152

Product Offset: Wacker E155 Release Agent

Amino Functional Silicone for Mold Release

AM-6152 is an Amino Functional Silicone Fluid (CAS# 67923-07-3) with a low level amine number of 7ml. The fluid is non-volatile, clear to hazy with a nominal viscosity of 300cSt @ 25°C.

AM-6152 Amino-Functional Silicone Fluid is most widely used as a release agent for urethane foam and as a cable lubricant in the automotive industry. It can be used as a straight fluid or diluted with a conventional solvent. AM-6152 will provide more releases with fewer applications than conventional silicone fluids.


  • Amino-Functional Silicone Fluid
  • Amine Number 7ml
  • Non-Flammable
  • Hydrophobic


Nominal viscosity 300cSt @ 25C
Flash Point 100°C
Boiling Point 148°C
Percent Volatile <2% (See certificate of analysis for exact % volatile content)
Specific Gravity 0.97 @ 25°C


5-gallon pail 18kg / 40 lbs
55-gallon drum 200kg / 440 lbs

F.O.B. Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.