BlueCoat 5000 Anti-Spatter

Bluecoat 5000 is a liquid anti-spatter that does not require mixing, does not contain silicones and will not interfere with paint. Clearco Magnetic Welding Jelly is used on Mig Welding Gun nozzles and tips; Robotic Welding Anti-Spatter is formulated with low viscosity fluid that can be atomized in misting systems, and, the C-5 Anti- Spatter is a 1-part 100% liquid concentrate. It contains synthetic release agents to prevent hot spatter from sticking.

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Availability: 5 - 30 - 55 Gallon Containers

Water-Based…No Mixing Required, Does NOT Contain Silicone & Will NOT Interfere with Paint


Use: Liquid Anti Spatter. No Mixing is required. Spray on surface to be welded. Spatter falling on treated area will not stick. Simply remove spatter with wire brush. This product does not contain Silicones and will not interfere with paint.