Cyclo-147F Navy Solvent & Cleaner

Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (Cyclomethicone) / Octhamethylcyclotetrasiloxane

Products Description: VOC Exempt Solvents/ Carrying agents are Cyclic Silicone fluids that are exempt from federal VOC regulations including California (CARB) regulations and OTC regulations. They are HAP-free and do not contribute to ozone-depletion and global warming. In addition, they do not have the odor that many petroleum based solvents possess, making them much more worker-friendly.

Due to these properties, they are being widely accepted as replacements for non-VOC complaint petroleum-bases solvents as both carrying agents as well as for cleaning solvents

CAS No: 541-02-6 / 556-67-2

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Availability: 1-gallon (3.6kg), 5-gallon (17kg) & 55-gallon drums (195kg)


Cyclo-147F Navy Solvent and Cleaner is a non-aqueous, VOC Exempt, HAP-Free solvent that is being tested for approval by the U.S. Navy for a range of applications. Testing is being done by the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division . If requirements are met, Cyclo-147F would be approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense.

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VOC Exempt Cleaning Solvent Replacement

Cyclo-147F Navy Solvent and Cleaner is a clear, odorless, isotropic blend of (D5) Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (CAS No. 541-02-6 and (D4) Octamethycyclotetrasiloxane (CAS No. 556-67-2). Cyclo-147 provides medium solvency power and is effective in removing a wide range of industrial oils, greases, fluids and waxes from substrates.

Cyclo-147F is formulated specifically to have a flash point > 140°F. It has a comparable evaporation rate and solvency power to most naptha solvents, odorless mineral spirits (OMS) as well as some of the isoparaffinic solvents. It has a faster evaporation rate than the Cyclo-2245. Unlike solvents such as acetone, these fluids are compatible with virtually all substrates and will not attack plastics, metals and elastomeric materials. In addition, it does not have the offensive odor that these petroleum solvents possess. Cyclo-147F is safe to use on painted and unpainted surfaces, leaving no streaks or stains


Cyclo-147F Navy Solvent is exempt from Federal VOC regulations including Califormia (CARB) and OTC regulations. Unlike most petroleum-based solvents, it does not contribute to ozone-depletion and global warming, having a lifetime in the atmosphere of only 10 to 30-days. Cyclo-2245 is HAP-free…free of hazardous air pollutants (HAP). In addition, Cyclo-2245 has no known toxic pollutants and meets RoHS compliancy.


  • Under testing for approval for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense
  • VOC Exempt Solvent for low solvency applications
  • VOC Exempt carrying agent
  • VOC Exempt Cleaning agent
  • Clear, colorless fluid
  • No odor
  • 100% evaporation at room temperature
  • Exempt from federal VOC regulations (inlcuding CARB & OTC)
  • HAP Free Solvent
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Excellent replacement for petroleum based solvents that are not VOC Compliant
  • Effective in the removal of industrial soils, machines fluids, waxes, fats, and greases
  • Compatible with virtually all substates including metal, plastics and elastomers.
  • Will not streak or stain painted or unpainted surfaces.
  • Can be used as an additive to lower VOC and meet compliancy in non-compliant formulations.
  • Miscible with virtually all polydimethylsiloxane fluids and most petroleum based fluids
  • Soluble in most anhydrous alcohols, waxes, oils (except castor), hydrocarbon oils, esters and silicone fluid.
  • Insoluble in water