DPDM-200 Diphenyl Dimethyl Silicone Fluid

Chemical Name: Diphenyl-Dimethylsiloxane

CAS No: 68083-14-7

Clearco Diphenyl-Dimethylsiloxane fluids are phenyl-based silicones that are formulated for applications where Dimethyl silicones will not remain stable. These fluids are described as aromatic siloxanes due to the presence of phenyl groups. High phenyl content fluids (DPDM-200) are utilized as heat exchange fluids, dielectric coolants, and base oils for high temperature fluids. Low phenyl content fluids (DPDM-100) can be utilized for similar applications, but can also be used at lower temperatures than higher phenyl content fluids. Applications for Low phenyl content fluids include wide temperature range baths, low temperature baths, and fluids for sensitive timing and calibration devices.

Phenyl-based silicones replace methyl groups with phenyl groups. With the introduction of phenyl groups into the polysiloxane, oxidation resistance, thermal stability and shear resistance are enhanced. At elevated temperatures, phenyl-based silicones are more stable and resistant to thermal and oxidizing attack. In addition, refractive index is increased, making them suitable fluids where the RI matches that of optical fibers, allowing for invisible connections and transparent blends.

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Availability: 5-gallon pails & 200kg drums

Product Equivalent: GE SF1154      DPDM-200 vs. GE-SF1154


Diphenylsiloxane content: 18 to 22%

Typical Properties: Wide temperature range stability, crystal-clear, non-flammable, high oxidation resistance, high damping action, high shear resistance, and excellent lubricity.

Operating Temperature Range: -40C to 250ºC (open system)

Use: Clearco DPDM-200 Silicone is a clear, 100% silicone belonging to the phenyl silicone group. It is classified as a Dimethyl-Diphenylsiloxane Copolymer (CAS # 68083-14-7).

Clearco DPDM-200 exhibits even higher temperature stability than DPDM-100 due to its higher phenyl content. In open systems (presence of air), Clearco DPDM-100 will remain stable at 250ºC for 1,500 to 2,000 hours. In closed system, it exhibits higher thermal stability.

Due to its high temperature stability, Clearco PM 125 is recommended for high-temp bath applications and for high temperature heat transfer applications.

DPDM-200 possesses high dielectric strength, making it very useful as a dielectric coolant, dielectric bath fluid, and high temperature ultrasonic coupler.

In addition, Clearco DPDM-200 Silicone exhibits higher oxidation resistance, greater thermal stability, and enhanced shear resistance than standard silicones.


  • Wide Temperature Range: -40ºC to 260ºC
  • High Temp Performance
  • High Temperature Bath Fluid
  • Enhanced Lubrication
  • Non-Flammable
  • Enhanced Resistance to Shear
  • High Oxidation Resistance
  • High Temperature Heat Transfer Applications
  • Dielectric Coolant