Paintable Silicone Fluids

Products Description: Clearco paintable silicone fluids belong to the methylalkyl and methylalkaryl group of silicone fluids. . Unlike conventional polydimethylsiloxane (dimethyl) silicone, methylalkyl and methylalkylaryl silicones will not interfere with painting or top coating. They are especially useful as a release agent for a wide array of molding applications where painting or top coating is required.

MAPR-55 Paintable Silicone Emulsion / Paintable Release Agent

MAPR‐55 is a Methylalkyl Paintable Release Agent Emulsion that contains 50% active Methylalkyl Silicone (55% solids) to provides outstanding lubricating and release properties. It is used in a wide array of applications for injection molded plastic, rubber and foam parts.. MAPR‐55 is a nonionic emulsion that has excellent emulsion stability when diluted.    Clearco MAPRA‐55 is concentrated to save you money.   One drum can make the equivalent of 10‐drums of finished product by simply adding water (5% active final formulation).

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MAPR-L Paintable Silicone Fluid

MAPR‐L Paintable Silicone Fluid is a 100% active Methylalkylaryl Silicone Fluid (CAS# 68‐37‐76‐3).   Unlike conventional silicone fluids, MAPR‐L will not interfere with paintability. It is widely used as a lubricant / release agent for parts that are intended to be painted or top‐coated.

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