Oil & Gas Exploration

Description: Clearco Down-Hole Silicone Fluids possess the thermal/pressure/viscosity and density properties that are critical in the ever harsher environments in the Down-Hole oil and gas exploration industries. They are widely used for the most extreme environments where high temps and high pressures are present.

With declining reserves and advances in technology, the oil and gas industry is drilling ever deeper. In these environments, fluids are required that can remain stable at the elevated temps > 200°C as well as the higher pressures.

The fluids in this section are divided by viscosity as well as by temperature.

Down-Hole Silicone Fluids can be used to dampen vibration and serve as a heat transfer / heat stable fluids in a wide range of Down-Hole pressure gauges, geo-steering instrumentation, transducers, cables, temperature and process recorders, control valves, calibration equipment, flow meters, thermostats.

Down-Hole Silicone Fluids are characterized by their their wide service temperature range, high resistance to oxidation, high damping action, excellent lubricity, compatibility with virtually all o-rings, little viscosity change at extreme temperatures, and high dielectric strength.

Down-Hole Silicone Fluids can be used in the most extreme environments where high rates of vibration, pulsation and pressure are encountered Unlike conventional petroleum based fluids like mineral oil, silicone fluids exhibit extremely high compressibility and will not coagulate. Even at pressures of 4,000 MPa, the fluids will not solidify. A properly selected silicone fluid can significantly extend the service life of equipment and provide more accurate reading in doing so.

DPDM-400 and PM-125 High Temperature Down-Hole Silicone Fluids provide even higher thermal stability and wider service temperature ranges than the PSF-Down-Hole Silicone Fluids .