Silicone Greases & Compounds

Products Description: Clearco Silicone Greases (Silicone Compounds) are formulated with 100% Polydimethylsiloxane (CAS # 63148-62-9) and inert silica filler. They are used in a variety of applications that require: wide range of thermal stability, high dielectric strength, electrical insulation, inertness to rubber and plastic surfaces, and insulation against corrosion and moisture.

Silicone Greases are inert to virtually all substrates with the exception of silicone rubber. * They are often used for lubricating o-rings, gaskets, valves and seals as well as surfaces that require excellent lubricating properties over long periods without drying out. They are not recommended for metal-to-metal lubrication or on surfaces that will be painted or finished. * Swelling may occur

Silicone Greases are available in 3-differeent consistencies: NLGI #1, NLGI#2 & NLGI#3. NLGI is a measure of the stiffness of silicone grease with NLGI 1 being the least stiff and NLGI 3 being the stiffest. The most widely used is the NLGI#2 (Silicone Grease 3005).